Frequently Asked Questions

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How many times do the students meet?

The classroom portion is made up of 15 two hour classes. Students will drive for a total of 6 hours and observe for 6 hours. Drive times are set up for two hour sessions, two students per session. Each session counts as one hour of drive time and one hour of observation.

What are the requirements to be enrolled in the class?

1. Age – You must be 15 by the last day of the classroom portion of the class.
2. Student must have passed at least 8 classes in the previous two semesters, be enrolled in GED, passed the GED or graduated. (Students who do not meet this criteria may get special permission from the regional superintendent)

How many classes can you miss?

Students may miss 4 classes, but these classes must be made up during the following session. If a student misses more than 4 classes, the student will be dropped and will receive no refund.

When do the students get their permits?

Students can get their permit up to 30 days prior to the class start day. Students must be at least 15, have proof of passing grades in at least 8 classes in the previous two semesters, be registered for an upcoming class, and their account must be paid in full. Students may choose to wait to get their permit until they feel they are ready to take the written exam.

When do the students drive?

Students can start driving with their parents as soon as they have their permits. Students must complete 4 hours of classroom instruction before they can drive with an instructor per the state.

Are you certified by the state?

Yes. We are certified by the state of Illinois and our teen course meets the state requirement of Drivers Education.

Do you offer adult education?

Yes. Adult instruction is done on a space available condition. Call 618-222-9785 and speak with an instructor about scheduling a time.

How many students are in a class?

Classes are a maximum of 35  students each.