Meet Our Team

Mr. D’s Driving School has a strong, experienced team and we are always willing to help. We are each licensed by the Illinois Secretary of State to teach drivers education and everyone is background checked. We have a passion to teach students how to drive, and are positive and enjoyable to be with.

Philip Douglas , "Mr. D.", Owner and Manager of Mr. D’s Driving School

Philip Douglas (Mr. D) is the owner and manager of Mr. D’s Driving School, Inc. He is a degree certified instructor who is licensed by the State of Illinois to teach Drivers Education to teens and adults. Mr. D has a degree in Physical Education along with an endorsement in Drivers Education and Safety, and also holds a Master’s Degree in Special Education.

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Since Mr. D’s offers drivers education to all types of learners, his certification in Special Education is quite helpful. Mr. D has been in the teaching field since 1998, and has been running the driving school since 2005.

Kelly Murphy-Webb, Licensed Driving Education Instructor

Kelly Murphy-Webb has been a licensed instructor since 2002 and has worked for Mr. D’s since 2006. Ms. Webb is always very positive and professional about her job even during those stressful moments. She is passionate about teaching students the safe and proper way to maneuver an automobile. Ms. Webb has a wonderful rapport with her students as well as excellent communication with their parents.

Nick Wiesbrock, Licensed Driving Education Instructor

Nick Wiesbrock is a retired US Navy Veteran, who spent 14 years as an instructor. Since retirement, he has been teaching at a local Christian Based School. Mr. Wiesbrock has been a licensed drivers education instructor since 2008 at Mr. D’s Driving School. Mr. Wiesbrock enjoys the challenge of getting the students engaged in the curriculum during class, using stories and his humor to gain their attention.

Ron DeLisle II, Licensed Driving Education Instructor

Ron DeLisle II is our newest instructor to Mr. D’s Driving School. Mr. DeLisle is still learning the routes, but has a good knowledge of the proper techniques needed to be a good driver. He passed his training and certification in 2016, and has since been putting many hours in with new drivers. Mr. DeLisle is a very calm instructor who always welcomes a challenge. If you see one of our instructors wearing a cap and a smile, it’s probably Mr. DeLisle.